Howick Hall Gardens

I visited the gardens at Howick Hall in Northumberland the other day and I wished I could have spent longer there. The gardens have been developed over the last few years and they are really worth a visit. We spent most of the time in the winter garden, which is full of Rhododendron and Hellebores with lots of bulbs thrown into the mix. It was just starting to come into its own as this very late winter loosened its grip. The first few Rhodies were flowering and the hellebores where in full bloom. Though I have to say the delicate Cyclamen coum were stunning, but then I have always had a soft spot for Cyclamen.

The winter garden is designed as meandering paths through the Rhododendrons and trees with occasional clearings planted up with woodland and winter perrenials. The Erythronium were just unfurling their recurved petals amongst marbled leaves and Narcissus were glowing in the late afternoon light. 

m_bulbs emerging.jpg